Warby Parker no Longer Ships Glasses with Hard Case

(Sarah Track) #1

Just ordered a new pair of glasses from Warby Parker. Oddly, when I was going through the checkout process they asked if I wanted to add a case with my purchase. The last time I ordered, the glasses came with a hard case included.

Anyways you do get a case, but it is a lot flimsier than the previous case that Warby Parker shipped with glasses. You can see for yourself in the picture above. The white case is from my pair of glasses I purchased about three years ago. The navy case is from my recent purchase and doesn’t seem to be as solid.

(Sam Solomon) #2

Is that not just a different style hard case?

I recently purchased new glasses as well and they sent me the same case. It’s not one of those soft Lenscrafters cases. It is pretty rigid—there’s not a lot you can bend including the cover, which uses a magnet to snap into place.

If this is the case you’re talking about, I don’t think the one it ships with is that different.

It may not be as bulletproof a glasses case as the older one, but it is definitely a hard case.

(Sarah Track) #3

It is better than an eyeglass case you’d get when purchasing glasses in store. I just feel like it’s not up to par with the rock solid cases they used to have.

The magnet is a nice touch though.

(Don Corwell) #4

Wait, so is the warby parker glasses case that you linked the one that ships with a new pair of glasses? The Parker Case?

(Sarah Track) #5

Sorry for the late reply. No, I that case is slightly different. From the picture in the original post, the navy one is the new case.