Tulo Liv Mattress $299 (Usually $599)

The new Tulo Liv mattress has a pretty solid sale right now. It’s $299 for a queen mattress.

From my research it’s been on sale below $500 before, but I don’t think it’s been below to $300 before. There’s more discussion in the foam mattress thread.

Also, their original Comfort mattress is $499 instead of $699. This is the one that the Wirecutter reviewed.

If you notice that this deal or promo code has expired, please add the #expired tag to alert other members of the community. If you discover a better discount elsewhere, please leave a comment. We’ll update the topic.

Also, this deal stacks with any Tulo promo code.

My girlfriend just bought the Liv mattress and used code SYDEALS10 for an additional 10 percent off. That brought the cost of the mattress down to $293—after tax!

I’ll post a few comments once I get to sleep on it.