Rubber Band Machine Gun

(Guy Stein) #1

It’s not a gift under $20. But this rubber band machine gun is pretty rad. Just look at it!

White Elephant Gifts Under $20
(Sam Solomon) #2

@guystein This thing is super cool! Since it costs about $225 I figured that I’d move it out of the White Elephant gifts topic and into a new one.

Looking into this a bit more—seems like this began as a kickstarter project in 2013. There are some comments there about the gun having issues firing.

Then again, I feel like this is more of a novelty. Put it on the shelf at your office so that nobody dares come in and shoot a wasp at you.

(Internet Guy) #3

I don’t know what I expected, but this thing is awesome.

(Guy Stein) #4

No worries dude! Yeah, it’s a little pricey.