Pixel USB-C Headphones or Something Else?

I recently went to go visit a friend in Kentucky and left my Pixel USB-C Headphones there. My friend keeps telling me that he’ll ship them, but I’m skeptical. He’s busy and just forgets.

What’s the status of cheap USB-C headphones these days? I would love something Like the Panasonic EgroFit for USB-C.

Is there something worth considering or should I just purchase another $30 pair of Google’s USB-C headphones?

What do you use these headphones for? It would probably be easier to make a recommendation knowing if these are work, workout or everyday headphones.

I probably should have been a bit more specific. These are my everyday headphones—I mostly use them listening to audiobooks and podcasts walking to and from work.

I took another look at the options in this category. Most cases point to a dongle for traditional headphone jacks.

At $30, it looks like Google’s Pixel USB-C buds are the best value right now.