Panasonic ErgoFit Earbuds: The Best Cheap Headphones?


(Sam Solomon) #1

I had a pair of headphones die yesterday. Generally, that isn’t great grounds for writing a post about it’s quality. However, the Panasonic EgroFit Headphones (RP-HJE120) might be the best cheap headphones you can find on Amazon—or anywhere for that matter.


These headphones were purchased back in 2014. They’ve been used heavily—almost every day since I purchased them. I’ve mostly listen to them while walking or taking the train to work. They don’t have a case, they get wrapped up and smushed in my pocket when they are done.


If you’ve followed any of my other reviews here, you’ll notice I am a huge fan of simplicity. I often rave about the features that aren’t added. One of the things that makes these headphones so reliable is how simple they are. There’s no power button or volume control. Just an audio jack.

If you make a lot of phone calls, Panasonic does make EgroFit headphones with a mic for a couple of bucks more. I’ve always purchased the version with out the microphone though.


Perhaps the most important thing that the EgroFit headphones gets right is comfort. In-ear headphones that are not comfortable will not last long. The headphones are light and include three pairs of silicone inserts (small, medium and large) This ensures that the earbuds are soft, snug and conform to your ears.

My main use case for these earbuds is listening to books and podcasts while walking to get groceries or heading to work. They are usually connected to my Moto G. Not once have I had an issue with them falling out—maybe except for when I’m clumsy and get caught on the cord.


I don’t think this pair of headphones is going to win any design awards. However, I’m not sure how noticeable they are. It does come in about 8 different color options—although I stick to white and black.

Sound Quality

Just like design, I don’t think this line of headphones is going to win any awards. The selling points are comfort, durability and price. They sound fine, but aren’t Bose or Sennheiser headphones.


Four years. These headphone I bought for under $10 lasted four years of daily use. They are durable, simple and comfortable. It’s difficult to ask for much more than that. If you’re looking for a pair of daily drivers, the Panasonic EgroFits are the best cheap headphones you can find.

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(Anthony Harris) #2

I noticed there’s a wireless version of these exact same Panasonic earbuds on amazon. The earpiece looks the exact same, but it has pretty mediocre reviews.

Anyone have experience with them and can provide a quick review?