OXO BREW Coffee Maker Discount

OXO BREW Coffee Maker

The Best Coffee Maker

This is the 8-cup Coffee Maker I use at home. It’s attractive, makes great-tasting coffee and can be programmed.

Solid deal on the OXO Barista Brain. It’s an all around good coffee maker and is incredibly attractive. Every time people come over, I get asked about it. I have one small quip about it—I wish it didn’t drip when the carafe is removed. I suppose that is an issue with every coffee maker though.

I purchased mine during Black Friday last year along with the OXO Barista Brain Burr Grinder.

Also, more details about the OXO Coffee Grinder below—I highly recommend that appliance.

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This coffee maker is back on sale!

@Sam It appears OXO has changed the name of this product from the On Barista Brain to the OXO Brew. Should we update the title?

Good question. If this was a new product or a new version of the same product, I’d say we should keep it.

However, it appears to be the same other than branding—so I’m going to update the title. That’s what I did with the Withings, Nokia Health products.

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OXO appliances, like this coffee maker, seem to go on sale around Black Friday. Not at an all-time-low, but a pretty good price for this coffee maker.

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