Nest Protect Has Different Backplates for Wired and Battery Versions


(Sam Solomon) #1

Pictured above are the two backplates for the Nest Protect smoke detector. The backplate to the left comes with the wired version and is designed to fit any electrical box. The backplate to the right belongs to the battery-powered Nest Protect. It comes with wood screws and really only fits into wood or dry-wall.

Posting this because I originally purchased the battery version. I figured 5 years of battery-life was reasonable—the life of the smoke detector is only 10 years. Plus, I didn’t want to fiddle with wires unless I had to.

Unfortunately the battery version is fairly limited. I found the screws in the backplate were too small for the electrical box in my ceiling. After reaching out to Nest about it they informed me that I should exchange the battery version for the wired version.

After watching Youtube videos of people installing wired Nest Protects, I decided it wouldn’t be that hard. What’s the worst that could happen? I electrocute myself?

We’ll I’m proud to report that didn’t happen. The Nest Protect was successfully installed.

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(Dwayne Hopkins) #2

It is odd to me that nest would manufacture different smoke detector backplates. Surely the multi-hole one isn’t so much more expensive that it’s cheaper to design a different one for the battery model?

(Sam Solomon) #3

Yeah, it seems silly to me. Figured I’d post for anyone else wondering what Nest Protect model to buy.