How to Remove a Tempered Glass Screen Protector?


I was at a restaurant having margaritas with a few this weekend and I accidentally bumped my phone off of the table onto the concrete floor. I shattered my screen protector. Luckily the phone seems to be fine.

I ordered a new one, but it occurred to me that maybe it isn’t best to pick at the screen protector. What’s the best way to remove a tempered glass screen protector? Is there anything I should know before trying this? Am I at risk of cutting myself?

(Internet Guy) #2

I don’t have any advice. I’m just glad to see an example of a screen protector working. A 4-foot drop onto concrete is no joke.

Out of curiosity what brand screen protector were you using?


Ha! I suppose it’s unfortunate the protector broke, but a blessing that my phone screen didn’t.

For what it’s worth it was a cheap Caseology case that I purchased off of Amazon. They come in packs of two, but one of the protectors in my order was warped too badly to use. It did it’s job though, which is why I just repurchased the same screen protector.

(Sam Solomon) #4

I have that exact same Pixel 3 Caseology screen protector (and wrote a short review about it). One of the protectors also shipped with a defect. I wonder if that’s why they ship in packs of two? There doesn’t seem to be a reasonable reason otherwise.

As far as removing them, I don’t think there’s any special trick. Mine broke when someone bumped into me at a bar. I just used my fingernails to gently pull up the edges. You want to do it slowly, otherwise you’ll break the tempered glass further.

My protector only had one small crack in it. If your screen is completely shattered, it could be a different story.