Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum $180 (Usually $300)

(Sam Solomon) #1

NewEgg is hosting a flash sale on Dyson’s V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum. This model was replaced by the Dyson V7 Cordless Vacuum, which is quieter, has a longer runtime and is easier to empty. However, it’s still a great buy if you’re looking to save a hundred bucks.

(Product Dork Team) #2

If you notice that the deal or promo code has expired, please add the expired tag to alert other members of the community. If there is a discount elsewhere feel free to comment and we’ll update this topic.


It looks like this sale has ended. Whats the process for adding the expired tag?

(Internet Guy) #4

This is interesting. It looks like I am able to edit the post as well. However when I save the expired tag is not applied. Even after refreshing.

I am able to edit the original post. I added test at after the paragraph, but the tag will not save.

@sam could this be a bug?

(Sam Solomon) #5

That is odd. I wonder if it has to do with a settings change I made to tags—I was seeing if I could limit the expired tags use to the deals category.

Try again and see if you can edit the tag?

(Geeze) #6

Unable to change the tag.

(Sam Solomon) #7

Unless there is a setting I am unaware of, I think this is a discourse bug.

I’ll poke around a bit. For the time being I’ve updated the tag myself.