Coway Mighty Air Purifier Sale

The Coway Mighty has been a top Wirecutter pick and is recommended for smaller rooms. It is manufactured by the same company that makes the Airmega air purifiers.

If you notice that the deal or promo code has expired, please add the expired tag to alert other members of the community. If there is a discount elsewhere feel free to comment and we’ll update this topic.

Looks like discounts on the Coway Mighty are back. It’s down a good bit for both the black and white models—one of the better deals I’ve seen.

@sam looks like Amazon isn’t carrying the Mighty anymore. What should we do in a case like this? It looks like Walmart has it in stock.

Yep, good spot. If a product is out of stock or no longer being offered at a specific retailer, the link should be updated to another retailer that does have it in stock. I’ve updated this to the Walmart link.

Also, removing the expired tag. It looks like the Mighty is back on sale.