Black Friday

Welcome to the Product Dork Guide for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! This topic will be the place to discuss sales any related sales.

Traditionally Black Friday begins on November 29, the day after Thanksgiving, and runs until the following Monday. However, in the last few years many retailers have moved to offering deals for a week or more. We’ll be covering the best ones here.

How this thread works

The Product Dork team will be updating this post with some of the deals that we like. If it’s a deal on a previous product we’ve featured, We’ll also post a link to that. That way you can see any previous commentary about the product.

What happens when you find an awesome deal?

I’d encourage you to reply to this topic instead of creating a new one. We’ll be monitoring this topic and make sure that the good ones end up in the list.

If you’re curious about how any of this works, you can check out last year’s Black Friday or Prime Day discussions.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale predictions

In the past we’ve broken the deals up a few different ways. We’ve done stores, product categories and brand lines. Sometimes we’ve done a combination of both. I’ve also considered splitting this into different threads and keeping only our top deals here. We’ll see. How we do it this year will probably depend on first few deals people find

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If you notice that this deal or promo code has expired, please add the #expired tag to alert other members of the community. If you discover a better discount elsewhere, please leave a comment. We’ll update the topic.