Best way to manage wires for a standing desk?

(Sam Solomon) #1

Not too long ago I purchased a Jarvis standing desk. Other than some issues with shipping, the desk has been great. Well, it was great until about a week ago when I noticed that the adhesive strips for the wires began coming off.

I’m curious what is the best way to handle this? I could probably reorder these same adhesive pads, but I don’t want to deal with this every few months.

Any ideas are appreciated.

(Anthony Harris) #2

That’s a bummer. Those sticky things are what shipped with the desk?

The IKEA tables have netting under the desk that keep all the wires together. There’s also room for an additional power stick.

(Sam Solomon) #3

Yeah, I used to have an IKEA BEKANT and the net is a really good solution. I wish the Jarvis came with something like that.

The real bummer is that it isn’t external cords that are the problem—I have a cord holder that works fine. It’s the cables that power the sit-stand desk causing issues.

(Guy Stein) #4

What about tape?

I don’t have a standing desk, but I do have a gaming PC. A combination of the following should solve almost any cable management situation:

If the mounting tape isn’t an elegant enough solution, you could also drill brackets into your desk. Thats more work than I’d want to do to hide a few cables.

(Sam Solomon) #5

Oh, interesting. I never thought about mounting tape. It’s pretty cheap and looks like it might be a good solution.

Anything I should know before using it? Am I ever going to be able to get it off of the desk?

(Guy Stein) #6

Well, I haven’t had to try yet…

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(Sam Solomon) #7

Fair enough. I’m sold!