Atoms vs Allbirds Sneakers?

Does anyone here own a pair of Atoms? How do they compare to Allbirds?

I’ve got a pair of Allbirds, which I love. They are super comfortable, but after 6 months they are really starting to wear. Part of me wants to buy another, pair but the price is pretty steep for something that won’t last a year.

Atoms are a little more expensive, but if they have the same level of comfort and will last a year, I’m fine paying a bit more.

Interesting. I haven’t heard of Atoms before, but the shoes appear to differentiate from Allbirds based on comfort and longevity.

Comparing the main models:

I own a pair of Allbirds that are about a year old. I love them, but they do start to look a little worn after about 6 months. It could be worth it. I don’t like the aesthetics of theModel 000 as much as the Wool Runner. But if it lasts longer, it could be a good purchase.

Maybe I’ll buy a pair and compare them?

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OK, I decided to order this pair.

Will post some screenshots when they get here.

Did some searching for more information comparing Atoms vs Allbirds on reddit. I couldn’t find a ton, but here are a couple of relevant comments.

u/Schwma in this post about Ultraboosts vs Allbirds

I’ve been wearing them almost exclusively for the last 7 months, and they were my only pair of shoes for a 2.5 month trip throughout Asia.

I have the atoms, and they have help up very well. Usually my shoes compress unevenly due to over pronation, but I have had no issues with these.

They don’t breath well, due to being water repellant. This is both a blessing and a curse. I was still able to wear them in 20 Celsius plus weather, but once the humidity increased I found myself wearing my trail runners exclusively.

I am a fan of the minimal design, but I understand why others wouldn’t enjoy it. That is preference at the end of the day.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

u/chrll8 in this reddit thread—Startup Sneaker Brand Atoms Attempting to Ameliorate a Problem With Shopping for Shoes.

This quarter sizing looks and smells a whole lot like snake oil to me-:)…the difference between each consecutive half-size is 4.23mm and “quarter size” is “2.12mm”…keeping that small amount of offset in shoe production isn’t possible…

FIWIW, I love my Allbirds and would happily make the purchase again. Mine are about 7 months old and don’t seem to have any additional wear. I have the Tree Runners though, not the wool ones.

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Thanks for the response

I think I might stick with Allbirds for now. I think the tree runners might last a little longer than the wool ones.

Curious to hear how the Atoms are though.